Parts Specials

Socket to you.

Maintain your Porsche while in storage this winter with the Porsche Tequipment Charge-o-mat II battery maintainer. It precisely monitors and manages current and  allows you to toggle between charging and maintain modes. Charging mode can bring a battery up to full charge, while Maintain mode automatically adjusts charging to optimum levels and eliminates overcharging during storage.

Keep your Porsche charged and ready this winter. Order the Tequipment Charge-o-mat II from Checkered Flag Porsche.

Classic fluid. Solid stop.

While the brake fluid for Classic Porsche cars comes with an old-time look, Porsche Classic Brake Fluid offers advanced fluid properties while still retaining compatibility with Classic Porsche braking systems. Available at Checkered Flag Porsche.

1919 Datetimer 70Y Sports Car - Limited Edition

Our 1919 Datetimer 70Y Limited Edition watch celebrates 70 years of Porsche sports car history. Elegant black titanium carbide casing, high-quality Swiss automatic clockwork, dial face with rev counter rings, and leather strap made from the premium leather used for Porsche 356 seating make this anniversary watch a true collector’s item. Order at Checkered Flag Porsche.